Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's kwaheri time - time to say good by. Yesterday I went out to a little town to visit an orphanage which in this case was a small home with 5 beautiful children - two twins - one HIV positive whose mama died of AIDS at age 26. We painted and we all had a grand time.

Our lodging here for the past 3 days has been tough - electricity and water come and go. Last night Nick went to shower before checking the water, so I here a shout - Mary, Mary, where's the water. In a minute the helper brings a bucket of water. 'Here Nick, I say, is your water!" and this morning I went to rinse my face - still no water, so I got my bottle of water and washed up - no problem - "Hacuna Matata!"

Now I will go to pick up Mary Ann, come back here, spend the day the off to the airport and then HOME! I love you all and hope to see you soon. Thanks for traveling with us.




  1. Have enjoyed reading every word. What an incredible experience you are all having. Travel safely - I'm sure "home" will feel like culture shock for awhile - imagine, all the electricity and water that you want. We are all so blessed. Thank you for writing all that you have - I appreciate being reminded how easy are our lives and how important it is to share.
    Hugs and love to each of you,

  2. Dear M and MA, I echo Sandy's comments. Tears come to my eyes as I vicariously travel with you on these incredible days and feel connected to these wonderful people through you two. What great representatives of good, not "ugly Americans" you two are. Thank you for all you do in service to others.

    I so look forward to seeing you both again and hearing your stories. Ken said this afternoon, "It will be good to have them back safe and sound." Yes it will. A safe trip home and thanks for sharing these momentous days with all of us. Love, Bev

  3. I'm so happy to have been able to read all this tonight! It sounds like it's been another amazing trip, so wonderful to hear about it in this format and I can't wait to see all the gazillions of pictures too! I love you both and can't wait for you to come on home already. Big hugs from all of us here. love, KK
    (By the way, just one little story from home: Tess has been talking about who she is going to marry when she grows up. First it was Jamie, then when I explained that we don't usually get to marry our brothers and sisters, she said "Then I guess I will marry Grandma and Mimi. And their dog. That will be good for me." xoxoxo)